Solo exhibition by artist Penny Evans at the Lismore Regional Gallery, NSW (AUS)

March 17 - April 15, 2018


The artist Penny Evans , whose work Galerie IDAIA is happy and proud to represent in France, is the subject of a solo exhibition this spring 2018 at the Lismore Regional Gallery, NSW (AUS), where we can notably discover his ceramic work.

"Death to the Stereotype" features casts of kitschy objects refashioned in clay and attached to coolamons (traditional vessels) and engraved objects in the form of shields. They are adorned with emu feathers, echidnas and plastic flowers. An installation of ceramic Dhinawan gawu (emu eggs), thunder eggs and estuarine creatures strewn on the ground evoke sperm/volcanic/egg matter. The exterior of the eggs is heavily engraved with concentric diamond patterns and other linear/linear designs. The insides of the eggs are filled with runny red and orange glazes, like the bright egg yolks that represent the fruitful nature of Aboriginal cultures. Resistant. Resurgents. Reborn.

The installation plays with indigenous associations of mortuary and mourning processes with diamond symbols, to dispel stereotypes while simultaneously celebrating our cultural awakening and the rebirth of South East Australia's ancestral cultures. This facility is active and reflects deep personal systems.

Useful information :
from March 17 to April 15, 2018
Lismore Regional Gallery, NSW (AUS) - Gallery 5
Visit the official Lismore Regional Gallery website

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Image caption:
Penny Evans, Jalia Baawaa , 2018 - white raku turned, pinched, glazes, flowing glazes, raffia - 65 x 17cm - 1120 degrees Celsius
© The Artist - Photo courtesy Lismore Regional Gallery

Source :
Lismore Regional Gallery, NSW (AUS)