Weaving Culture 2 - The Artists of Ikuntji: Journey to the Heart of Australia's Central Desert

June 9 - July 9, 2021, LYON.

Showcasing the Ikuntji Collection of Aboriginal textile accessories developed by IDAIA in collaboration with the Ikuntji Artists Cooperative, the exhibition also includes a selection of artworks and objects, from paintings and sculptures to prints and photographs, taking you on a journey to the ancestral land of artists, to discover their landscapes, their stories and their art.

After an exclusive launch at the Parisian department store BHV MARAIS in February 2022 , the IDAIA x Ikuntji collaboration is presented with an even larger range of accessories and as part of an exhibition entirely dedicated to Ikuntji Artists. Located in the Aboriginal community of Haasts Bluff, in the heart of Australia's Red Centre, Ikuntji Artists is an Aboriginal-owned artists' co-operative established in 1992, the first created by female artists in the deserts of central Australia.

The result of an ethical and united international collaboration, the objects of the Ikuntji collection are handmade in Paris in limited series from superb hand-printed fabrics from the Ikuntji Artists. Including cushions, bed or table runners, table lamps, handbags and clutches, the objects of the Ikuntji Collection embody the strength, audacity and beauty of the artists' lands, their culture and their artistic creation.

The Ikuntji collection is displayed alongside a variety of handicrafts and works of art, including acrylic paintings, limited edition prints, and limited edition photographs.

Exhibition organized by IDAIA in collaboration with the cooperative of Ikuntji Artists , and the team of curators from the Showroom Galerie 7: Christine Athenor, founder and director of the international textile festival FITE (International Festival of Extraordinary Textiles), and Thomas Leveugle, commissioner of the FITE;
With the support of the French Embassy in Australia.

The exhibition is part of the Australia now France 2021-22 program organized by the Australian government: a series of events and initiatives to strengthen and deepen bilateral relations between Australia and France, and to reflect the cultural richness of Australia. Australia in several French cities.


Useful information :

June 9 – July 9, 2022

Opening: Thursday, June 9.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Address :
The Gallery 7 Showroom
7 place Gailleton
69002 Lyons
Tel: 09 53 89 17 98

Free admission

For any questions: info@idaia.com.au or info@idaia.fr