The IDAIA x Ikuntji Artists Collection

The Ikuntji Collection: A Journey to Australia's Central Desert

The Ikuntji Collection is a collection of textile accessories developed in collaboration with the Ikuntji Artists Cooperative, located in the Aboriginal community of Haasts Bluff, in the heart of Australia's central desert, which supplies the art fabrics.

Handmade in Paris in small series, the objects of the Ikuntji Collection take you on a journey to the ancestral land of the artists, to discover their landscapes and their customs.

Ikuntji Artists

The Ikuntji Artists Cooperative is located in the Aboriginal community of Haasts Bluff, in the heart of Australia's red centre, 227 km from Alice Springs.

Established in 1992, the cooperative is the first created by women artists in the deserts of central Australia.

The artists paint their interpretation of their ancestral land and associated creation stories (or dreams), to which the artists are bound by family heritage and of which they are the custodians .

Since 2016, Ikuntji artists have been exploring the medium of textile design, which is another way to share their culture and a source of income for the community.

The fabrics created by the artists of the Ikuntji community represent the ceremonies of women with the signs traditionally drawn in the sand, lines evoking the sand dunes which extend to infinity, rock water holes in the rocky part of the desert, while the intriguing 'Watiya Tjuta' motif alludes to the trees used to make spears, and in particular to the sacred site where the ceremony of preparing the spears takes place.

The printing technique is art screen printing, printed by hand with ecological inks in Australia.

Ethical and solidarity accessories

The result of an ethical and united international collaboration, the objects in the collection are entirely handmade by Parisian designers and craftsmen, using Ikuntji fabrics.

Cushions, bed or table runners, table lamps, handbags and clutches: all the objects in the collection convey values, beauty and culture.

An exclusive launch for BHV MARAIS

Exclusively for BHV, IDAIA is launching its new collection of Aboriginal textile accessories IKUNTJI at BHV MARAIS , with 16 products from the Ikuntji Collection featured in the Agora at BHV Marais during the BHV Couleurs Australie , from January 29 to February 27, 2022 .
Solidarity products and made in France, IDAIA products have the "Go For Good" label from the BHV - Galeries Lafayette group.

Points of sale and Distribution

The Collection is managed and distributed by IDAIA France (

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Images: Ikuntji Artists and IDAIA.